Who we are:

Since 2013 we have been fundraising and raised thousands of pounds. We don't seek to speak on behalf of all City fans however we have had tremendous support on the whole from the fan base who recognise what we are trying to do... Improve the atmosphere at home games at a time when the stadium - and indeed football generally - is going more and more corporate.

Many in our group are "old skool" Blues who were there when it counted. They stood on the Kippax and remember the days when creating an atmosphere wasn't a problem. When football was cheap and working class supporters weren't priced out of the game. They were keen to join 1894 to ensure the old songs didn't die out and to ensure we could get the atmosphere going in a traditional way. We also have embraced some of the current generation of City fans who didn't get the chance to enjoy Maine Road and who have only known sanitised all-seater stadiums. So there are people in our group who favour an Ultras style approach to building an atmosphere.

Our approach to improving the atmosphere will evolve as we go along. We have on occasion used a drum, we have permission from the club to use a megaphone. We would reserve the right to utilise all options at our disposal however that does not mean that we would not try and generate atmosphere in a traditional fashion first. That would always be our preference.

We have developed good links with other like minded groups across the UK and worldwide. We stand shoulder to shoulder with fans on issues that are important - be it be fighting increased ticket prices, monitoring the treatment of supporters inside and outside stadiums or challenging discrimination. We are politically neutral. We are a broad church. However we do believe in fairness and decency for everybody and would challenge anything that would stop fans from singing, enjoying themselves or creating a great atmosphere.

We believe safestanding/ rail seating would be beneficial at The Etihad and we believe that fans should be consulted regarding any further redevelopment at The Etihad to ensure improving the atmosphere and noise levels within the stadium is at the centre of future planning.

Supporting our work:

We are always in need of support for match day displays if you'd like to find out more e.g. lending a hand please email us on the email address below. Or you can donate a few quid using the Donate button opposite